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Entry #2

Forsaken Prodigies

2008-06-13 09:18:54 by kingmiami232

Story: Earth has been wiped out by zombies, so everybody has evacuated to a planet called Verillion. Years have passed, the planets atmosphere is polluted and people are dying one by one. The NSC soldiers (basically the millitary) have too go back to Earth and place a nuke. But the mission is suicide the zombies are vicious. The NSC soldiers have to retreat. But they forsake one soldier named Kane.Kane gets hit in the head by flying debris and Kane wakes up with amnesia, and tries to get his memory back peice by peice.


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2008-12-15 08:37:17

Is there going to be an animation about this? Because i hate reading, but interesting story...... And thanks for adding me as a favorite artist :D